Asian Brush Painting Demonstration

How I Use Some of My Favorite Brushes to Create Asian Calligraphy Inspired Art A brush I use a lot in watercolor is the hake brush. I have one that is made from goat hair. I use it for large, lighter areas of color because it holds a tremendous amount of water. Notice how it’s […]

How My Watercolor Paintings Emerge Through The Use Of Different Brushes

paint brushes - Dick Crispo

“I don’t know until I do it” is the way to look at art without making it mechanical. If you don’t know and you get surprised, then the viewer will be surprised. In this video, I talk about the different watercolor brushes I use. Plus, I work on a painting showing some of my watercolor […]

Monochromatic Heads

monochromatic-head-water color painting

A Watercolor Painting Series When I first started this series of monochromatic heads, I was concerned with more monochromatic, or one color, variations of color and variations of value. It was an important part of the idea. As I progressed along, I made several variations. On a couple of them I even made them pop […]