Monochromatic Heads

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monochromatic-head-water color painting

A Watercolor Painting Series When I first started this series of monochromatic heads, I was concerned with more monochromatic, or one color, variations of color and variations of value. It was an important part of the idea. As I progressed along, I made several variations. On a couple of them I even made them pop […]

Drawing: The Rhythm in the Line and Shape

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graphite drawing Dick Crispo

Let The Drawing Make The Drawing One of the things that I love to do is to sit and draw on smaller drawing pads. This is because they fit in my pocket. I keep these sketchbooks up on some shelves next to the chair I sit in while watching television. I just keep drawing and […]

The Rhythm in the Trees

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“I think trees are the best sculptures in the world” – Dick Crispo The Rhythm of the Trees is a series of black and white, India ink paintings. They were originally done for linoleum cut studies. But I liked them as they were, so I continued making them. This series deals with the rhythms in […]

Mixed Media Painting Process

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The Dialogue Between The Colors When it comes to my “Front and Side” series of paintings, I have a process that involves several types of media. Because these are mixed media paintings, I am using different types of paints and mediums as well as tools. When I am creating these 4” x 8” inch […]

The Souls in Masks

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Dick Crispo’s Mask Collection When we’re looking at masks, you’re looking at the human form put into different variations of the human face. But what we’re really looking at, in the end, is the soul. And for me, I want the soul to be in my painting as well as in the mask.  It may […]

Front and Side

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Painting Color and Shape Relationships In these series of paintings, there is a depiction of two people, front and side. The people are really just the shapes and the colors. So, it’s an interaction of two people as shapes and colors.     Each painting is very different in the series. It is the combination […]