Dick Crispo Gallery of Artwork


Dick was trained as a Portrait painter in a traditional academia realm from his early to late teens. What he realized was that it wasn’t just about capturing the likeness of his subject, but painting the soul of the subject, which is what gives depth to a Portrait. It’s what gives expression and allows the soul to speak.


Dick challenges himself to develop new spaces on two dimensional surfaces. He allows himself to make statements that don’t speak from the technical space, but from a space that opens both the color and line up to the viewer, allowing them to see new possibilities. The color and the line work in tangent to help make the space. Dick’s Abstracts define a spirituality within the boundaries of the paintings’ geometry.


Dick’s Abstract Landscapes respond to a physical presence within nature, abstracting it down to its core in order to find the hidden essence of the scene. He brings out the soul of the landscape, allowing the viewers to create their own determination and to connect to each painting individually.